Our Mission

To strengthen and support the Self-Governance of indigenous peoples and their exercise of authority in order to assume the management of their territories with unity, autonomy and dignity, as well as the awareness and defence of their human and collective rights.

To eagerly strive for the social and institutional recognition of ethnic and cultural identity of indigenous peoples, providing them with guidance along their independent organizational processes of local, regional, national and international character.

To enable and manage the participation of indigenous peoples and their representatives in the instances of decision and execution of public policies by fostering and making agreements for their articulation on the base of equity, taking into account their diversity towards the processes of economic and social development of the country.

To lead the institutional and social recognition of the political mandates of the indigenous peoples and their traditional and organizational authorities.

To promote and legitimize the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC), as the representative voice of the Indigenous Peoples and their Organizations. 

To be an essential part in the construction of an alternative socioeconomic model for our country, with the participation of other indigenous and social movements located nationally and internationally.

To create common and interlocution strategies with other social movements, NGOs, the Colombian State and national and international solidarity and cooperation organizations, among others. The aforementioned works with the purpose of accelerating and establishing processes of peace, justice and reparation to end the war in our country, as well as to acquire post-conflict guarantees for the own future of Indigenous Peoples.